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Deer Crossing


As winter approaches, Minnesotans prepare for this seemingly endless season.  We clean up the yard and pull out the shovels!  What we sometimes fail to realize is the fact that winter comes packed with tons of dangers.  Along with icy roads and 3-day blizzards, this season describe the imagecomes with some less apparent threats.  During this snowy time of year, deer migrate from location to location quite a bit.  Deer need to stay warm so they remain mostly mobile to keep their body temperatures up.  This presents a higher chance of deer to vehicle collision.  Knowing this fact, we as Minnesotan drivers need to be proactive and drive considerably safer during these months.  Be aware of the environment around vehicle and watch for deer crossing zones. Drive the speed limit and take curves slowly.  Remain alert and drive defensively; however if you do hit a deer or any animal for that matter, make sure you pull over and call 911 for assistance.  But if you follow those simple guidelines, hopefully have worry about that happening.