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A Deadly Combination


A deadly epidemic has hit the greater United States. This rampant “disease” has been contributed to 16,000 deaths in the last 5 years.  That is about the population of Anoka, MN.  This surprisingly curable series of happenstances have become something that has filtered into just about everyone on the road.  That’s right…were talking about Texting and Driving.  If you were to take an anonymous pool, most people would admit to texting and driving at least once in their lifetime.  No matter how easy it is to do, this concept has the potential to have life or death consequences.  Most people that partake in this unlawful activity usually just glance down at their cellular device and, think that it won’t hurt anything.  However, that exact thing happened in the 16,000 cases where real human beings were killed due to texting and driving.  In fact, the state of Minnesota prohibits texting and driving and if you are caught doing…there will be a nice $300 fine waiting for you!  It has been said that there are 3 vital things that are required to operate a vehicle in a safe manner:

1. Your Hands

2. Your Eyes

3. Your Concentration

Sadly, texting and driving requires all of those things.

texting while driving vs drunk driving