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Why did my windshield crack in the cold weather?


Minnesota winters can be hard on our vehicles with the temperature fluctuating by 30 degrees or more. When the temperature suddenly drops below freezing, many windshields tend to crack out. Often customers tell us that they are not sure how their windshield broke since they don’t remember being hit by a rock.

So why did my windshield crack in the cold weather? Likely, a small rock could have chipped the windshield in the warmer months and was not noticed because of the small impact point. If the rock chip was left undetected, or unrepaired, elements of dirt and moisture will find their way into the small pit. The elements can expand and contract with temperature fluctuations and could eventually crack the windshield.

How can I prevent my windshield from cracking out in the winter? If you notice a small chip in your windshield have it filled as soon as possible to prevent elements from embedding in the rock chip. If you are unable to have it filled immediately, feel free to contact Glass Today and we will send you a temporary patch.