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Why won’t my window go up?


Where do you go when your door glass stops going up and down? It is very common for the switch that controls the window operation or the regulator to break. There is no need to put a bag over that window! A quick affordable fix - have the door glass disconnected from the regulator and put it into the up position.

why wont my car window go up?

Why did my regulator break? This has become a common problem for the past four or five years when car manufacturers changed the working components in the door. In the past, the regulator consisted of two moving metal arms similar to a scissor. As the arms moved apart it would bring the door glass down and vice versa. These parts were made of solid metal parts and only needed an adjustment occasionally. Today’s regulators are cable systems. These systems are light in weight in order to help with fuel economy and since they have more plastic components they tend to break more often. Glass Today would be happy to help you with your window today!