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Auto Glass...This is Personal.


HandshakeWhen you start looking for a business to replace or fix your windshield, who do you contact? You may be tempted to use an online search engine, or call a 1-800 number because technology is very convenient. Even though it may seem less convenient, developing a relationship with your insurance agent is a smart idea. If your insurance agent knows you, and the changes happening in your life, they will be able to better serve your specific needs.

With many items you purchase you shop around a bit. You may go to several different stores to find the best price, go online and use a search engine to compare prices, and weigh the pros and cons of each option and brand. When your windshield breaks, you need to get it replaced quickly. Your personal insurance agent has already done the research about auto glass companies for you, and will be able to give you several good options to choose from.

Your insurance agent interacts with auto glass companies regularly and knows which one will be covered by your insurance plan. Your personal insurance agent will then refer you to a couple different trusted auto glass companies. Then you can select which company you want to use to get your windshield fixed. If you choose Glass Today, we will work with your insurance agent to get the appointment set up and the insurance claim settled.

 So the next time you need a windshield replacement; phone your insurance agent and have them help you find the auto glass business that will get your auto glass fixed and your car back on the road today.  

Schedule an appointment to get your windshield fixed here.

By Elisabeth Johnson