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I Need my Windshield Replaced, but I'm a Poor College Student!


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Money is tight in college. Not only are you paying for tuition, living expenses and textbooks, you also want some cash left over for entertainment and going out to eat. If you have a car you need to fill it up with gas, pay insurance, and cross your fingers your little beater keeps running throughout the four years you are attending college.

When your car’s windshield gets a chip or crack, you may put off getting it fixed because of the windshield replacement cost. You think, “I can drive around for a while before getting it fixed, that rock didn’t do too much damage.” Honestly, you would rather spend that money on something besides a new windshield. But it is illegal to drive in Minnesota with a cracked windshield, so it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible. 

If you bring your car in right away to Glass Today, it could be an easy fix. If it is just a rock-chip, our technicians can fill it in just 10-15 minutes, just enough time for you to get a snack at the Burger King next door.  

There is the chance that your windshield may need to be completely replaced. Most auto insurance plans have glass coverage, so we can bill your insurance company which means that there would be little to no cost for you. If you do not have glass coverage on your insurance plan, Glass Today wants to go above and beyond to help you with a discount for college students. We want to help you be successful in college, and also safe on the roads. If you come to Glass Today to get your windshield repaired or replaced, we will give you a 15% discount off your total purchase.

So give us a call today to get your windshield fixed! Be sure to mention that you are a college student, so we can give you the college discount. And bring your college ID when you get the windshield replaced. 

By Elisabeth Johnson

Rock Chip Wednesday is the first Wednesday of every month. On this day you can come in and get your rock-chip filled for FREE with a non-perishable food donation. That’s pretty sweet!