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Windshield Broke & You Are Too?


If you find yourself with a broken windshield and an empty wallet, here are three  tips that could save you money: 

  1. Your personal Insurance Agent could help.  Many people assume their deductible applies to windshield replacement, but often people have a zero deductible on glass.  It may be worth double checking with your agent or ask the glass company to call and verify your coverage before you set up the claim.   If you discover the windshield costs less than your deductible, or you realize you don’t have glass coverage at all, make sure you still mention your agent’s name.  You may discover your agent is a preferred partner which could qualify you for your agent’s volume discount. 
  2. Consider the timing.  Have your window replaced during off peak times.  The busiest time for windshield replacement is in the middle of the summer. Most people don’t think about fixing their window when it is cold outside, near a holiday, during the State Fair, or when the kids are going back to school!  Lower demand creates lower prices.  Time it right and save!
  3. Try Bartering.  Most glass companies don’t chMinneapolis Auto Glassarge for mobile service nor do they offer a discount for shop installation. However, if you find yourself in a financial pinch you may have room to barter.  Tell your story, forego the mobile service, offer to bring your car to the shop and leave it for a day or two.  When a job reschedules, if your vehicle is already there, the company can replace your vehicle glass during the unexpected opening; your inconvenience improved the glass company’s efficiency which is a fair trade for your discount.

It’s tempting to go for the lowest price, but make sure you choose a reputable company.  If a glass company offers ONLY mobile service, be cautious.  The company might be a new start-up company running out of their van.  If there is not a brick and mortar building, you will have a hard time finding them if you have a warranty issue later.  Ask the company how long they have been in business,  protect your investment, and make sure the company will be around to back up their work.